Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Annual Catclaw MVP Awards!

The Catclaw Theatre Company proudly announces our "Most Valuable Player" awards for 2008!

The Most Valuable Player award goes to actors we've worked with over the course of the year who have exemplified these qualities:

  • Outstanding performance
  • Positive, go-getter attitude
  • Kept the drama onstage and not backstage!

    This year, awards go to Shermia Love and Carolyn Purcell. Both appeared in our August 2008 production of Toulouse-inations, and Shermia was also a founding Catclaw member, having attended our very first formative meeting at Ditto's in January 2008.

    Above: Shermia Love as Marie the Cabaret singer in Toulouse-inations. Below: Carolyn Purcell as the Fortune Teller in Toulouse-inations.

    Honorable mention/runners-up: Erin Mann and Jill-Marie Schierbaum.