Monday, December 22, 2008

Appalachian Voodoo Fibers!

Our artistic director Jeffrey Scott Holland has yet another new enterprise: Appalachian Voodoo Fibers, in which he takes on the traditionally female-dominated realm of yarn.

"I've always been big on fabrics, sewing, yarn, and such", said JSH in a press release. "To me, it's no different from carpentry or bricklaying, or sculpture, in that you're taking raw materials and smushing them together by any means necessary. As with my painting, my music, and practically everything else I've ever done in life, my fiber-art pursuits are raw, primitive, expressionist, and more about immediacy and results than the sort of finesse and grace one normally expects from the genre".

One of the hottest fiber items these days with the Etsy-Craftster-Ravelry crowd is the fiber "Batt", which JSH describes as "a big loaf of assorted fiber strands, spun like cotton candy on a medieval torture device called a drum carder. The resultant loaf is a favored way for people to spin their own handmade yarn from."

These batts and other handmade JSH retro-primitivo outsider-folk-art goodies will soon be made available on Catclaw's very own Etsy store, which acts as a fundraiser for the cause to which we are all so devoted. Check these links out: