Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Voraxica Versus Voraxium

So what's the difference between the Catclaw Theatre Company, the Voraxium and Voraxica anyway? Admittedly, even we tend to use the terms interchangeably, which has been the source of some confusion.

In a nutshell:

  • Voraxica is a new, 21st century form of edgy entertaiment that is very much like burlesque and vaudeville, but it's not. Most people think they know what those terms mean, and they've become co-opted and homogenized to the point where the only sensible thing for a free-thinking autonomist to do is to jettison those concepts completely and go start something entirely new. To put it into a massive oversimplification, Voraxica is the new burlesque.

  • The Voraxium is a specific troupe dedicated to performing in the new genre of Voraxica. The name refers also to a sort of conceptual location that the troupe carries with them everywhere they go. In other words, wherever the Voraxium troupe performs, that place becomes "The Voraxium" during that time, a mythical Mahagonny-like location where literally anything can happen.

  • The Catclaw Theatre Company is the parent theatre company behind The Voraxium. Because of this nested-Matryoshka-doll relationship, sometimes we will seem to be saying that the two are one and the same, while at other times we will seemingly be stating that they are distinctly separate entities. It just be's like that.