Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catclaw's Hipster Yard Sale!

The "Hipster Yard Sale", an event started by Catclaw's artistic director Jeffrey Scott Holland during his 2006 tenure as curator at the Cinderblock Gallery on Louisville's Main Street, is back! There will be two Hipster Yard Sales this summer, with the exact dates to be announced here very soon!

The concept of the Hipster Yard Sale is to have a multi-person yard sale in which all the stuff is GOOD stuff, cool stuff, weird stuff, useful stuff, the kind that appeals to youth as well as pop-culture-addicted oldsters like ourselves. In other words, no baby clothes, no Debbie Macomber books, and no exercise workout VHS tapes.

Want to take part, and help fundraise for Catclaw? Basically anyone can set up, and on the 'honor system', at the end of the day, you give us 20 percent of whatever you made, (unless you hardly made anything). Now you can unload those DVDs that you're too lazy to put on eBay, and those CDs that you've already ripped to your Zune or iPod, and help support one of the most ambitiously kooky theatre companies on the planet!

Email Karissa Singleton if you want to take part!