Friday, July 17, 2009

Le Grand-Guignol n'est pas mort

A key part of Catclaw and Voraxica's ancestral lineage comes from the French Théâtre du Grand Guignol, which you can read all about here on our Voraxica blog!

Between 1897 and 1962, the Grand Guignol performed thousands of plays so shocking that a doctor was kept on staff to treat the many audience members who fainted during each performance. The Grand Guignol unflinchingly presented material that exposed society’s fears and taboos, and wrapped it in a thick fondant coating of erotic horror. Each night's show alternated back and forth between short comedic farces and horror-themed plays, which kept the crowd on a roller-coaster of "hot and cold showers", as they called the technique. The Grand Guignol was the inspiration for modern horror film and film noir.