Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catclaw on Twitter

For the tweeters and twitterers among us, Catclaw now has its own Twitter account.

While posts made here on the Catclaw blog are a group effort by any number of our administrative staff, the Catclaw Twitter is strictly the 24-7 tweets of our Artistic Director, Jeffrey Scott Holland. As he said in a mass e-mail yesterday:

"Okay, I really, really, really loathe internet social networks and gimmicks (myspace, facebook, tagged, mojo, etc.) but hell has frozen over: I am experimentally giving this here Twitter gizmo a try.

Let me know if any of you actually use Twitter, and if you do, feel free to add Catclaw:

I will keep it constantly updated with useless trivial up-to-the-minute nonsense (which is apparently Twitter's purpose) as well as broadcast data that actual Catclaw cast and crew and staff may find useful."