Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baer's Last Gasp

We were dumbfounded when Baer's Fabrics abruptly announced its immediate closing earlier this summer, and were pleasantly amazed when they temporarily resurrected themselves a couple of weeks ago with a 50-percent-off sale.

Then it became 60 percent, and now, this evening, we just received an email notice from Baer's that they're upping the stakes to a 70 percent off everything sale for one more week only.

Catclaw staffers have already plucked everything we could get our hands on while fighting off the insane crowds, but I'm sure I'll spend some time lingering down at Baer's this week. Not to buy anything but just to stroll around the old building one last time, while I still can. I'll miss the building itself just as much as its wares, and even if someone puts it on the market for sale or rent later, it's probably a safe bet that they'll remodel it and ruin its anachronistic charm.