Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pianist needed for "Toulouse-inations"

To whom it may concern:

We're looking for a pianist who can accompany cabaret singers for four very simple, bluesy (I-IV-V changes) musical numbers in Catclaw Theatre's "Toulouse-inations" for five performances.

Ability to play "head arrangements" without sheet music is a plus. So is some familiarity with jazz.

Pianist will be compensated. Contact us for details.

The performance schedule is:

Thu, August 7 - 8pm
Fri, August 8 - 8pm
Sat, August 9 - 8pm
Sun August 10 - 2pm

The show is at the Mex Theatre, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.


Stage Manager Karissa Singleton at or 593-7948, or:

Artistic Director Jeffrey Scott Holland at or 649-3378.